Saturday, April 09, 2016

Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner

Hi guys,
I eventually start my reading project, and of course, my writing project in my blog. I understand that starting this new thing happened in my life as daily activity is uneasy. It is, however, something I need to do as training to build my habit to write. Please, judge. I open myself for every single advice from everyone as friend or (foe).
For the background, this first project elucidates a book for guiding educators as parents, lecturers, tutors, and teachers to have big image to lead young people become innovators for their nations.
I haven't read it more than five pages since I just bought the book about three hours ago. So, apologise for this swallow prolog.
Well, since this post implied my commitment to practice in writing, I think this explanation is sufficient for my declaration.

Junior writer (I don't even understand why I called myself like that).

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