Sunday, September 23, 2012

You Are Still Like A little Girl

Last Night, I had a chitchat with my mom when she masked my face. But, this chitchat became serious in time.

Me: Mom, How does it feel when you always see me grow up and now I am so far from you because of college?
Mom: Hmm?
Me: I think sometimes It is time to let me go or something like that.
Mom: There is always time when that thing happens, but as parents, we will know when the time comes. You are still just like a little girl. Always make us anxious.
Me: Hmm..

And the conversation ended. I didn't know my mom saw my eyes or not that time because my eyes were so blurry with tears. That super woman I'll never forget and I promise I will make her proud of me.

*This occurrence makes me fantasize what happened in my marriage (that always be a happy thing) if my mother and I weep together.

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