Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#Brandcap Trip To Batu

Monday, 30 January 2012, Eccy, Deby, Jiji, Choi, Ainun, Devri, Ibib, and me visited Batu, My favorite place ever. Well, we decided to visit it because #Brandcap hasn't had any journey in this semester. so, these are some pictures taken by Eccy with her NIKON :3

Yeah, We're ready for the trip B-)

I wasn't at the picture because I had to pee this time LOL !

Lunch time at NIKMAT, Singosari

Here we were at the parking lot Jatim Park I (Our first place)

Got the Tickets ! fifty thousand rupiahs

Jatim Park Inside !

We played something spinning so fast and I never stopped screaming except when Deby's saliva was running out LOL ! (no pict)

Columbus! I took this picture because Columbus stuff never had good relation with me

Getting in to Ghost house! It's really Iril Thing ! (iril means jayus)

After that, we played spinning coaster. Well, the challenge was not so big ! a little disappointment

Tornado! This game is awesome !

Aero test! This game was such a suicidal !
Only Deby, Eccy, Choi, and Ainun did this.

I didn't remember this game but something spinning was engh!
Only the boys did it.

Everybody got dizzy !

3D, Robin Hood. A little water splashed.

I forgot what the name is. But this was very high and made us feeling cold.
Ainun hated this one.

Jatim Park parking lot. Eat time!

We decided to go to Payung to get the view.

Pujon, Payung :)

Batu at Night !

Taking pictures at Alun-alun Batu

Three thousand rupiahs for this.

Well, This is Eccy's Brilliant idea. But I did the light B-)
So this is what I did. Awesome, huh?

The last was me! Look! Ugh, Guys. Look at the light. It's really weird -___-

Awesome journey with #brandcap family. Hope someday we can do this again and being better family :)
I love you.

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