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Kaleidoskop 2011: Amazing year

January 2011
  • Happy new year all! it was 2011 and my classmates held a new year's eve event at Tanjung's house (vice leader of the class) but I didn't attend it because I was too afraid to get my parents' permission. We were at twelfth grade now and our schedule was about studying hard and harder.

February 2011
  • My school held a music concert and I was about not to attend it but finally I got there because Yogi's band (the leader of class) was playing. Unfortunately, My bf and I were late. So, some of my friends and I visited our place for our memorable album.
Open Air 16 Senior High School of Surabaya

@Kebun Bibit Wonorejo
  • What we did in February was about to take a lot of practice exams. I still remember about fitness.

  1. Somebody to love - Justin Bieber
  2. Peacock - Katy Perry
  3. Hot and cold - Chipmunks version
  4. The only exception - Paramore

  • Did the practice at Eka's, Ela's, and Yogi's houses. And our group was known as the compactest group B-) *I don't have the video, Eka has it and I will bluetooth it soon*
After practice exam, took many pictures as usual

  • Took pictures for our memorable album. Colorful!

March 2011
  • Having final school exams started on March 21th. I still remember Tanjung was behind me and Gaby was in front of me. Tanjung and I always matched our answers (bad! do not do this at your life).
  • The most I remember was on March 21th, my bf and I broke up for a moment but, hey, I thought the time is not right and I was afraid to see my score exams being too terrible. So, we made it again.
  • Got a little refreshing and went to Ciputra waterpark with some discount tickets (50% off!!!) B-)

  • Echa was hospitalized, so my friends and I visited him at Siloam Hospital. Get well soon, champ!
@ Siloam Hospital, Devri's sister took this picture

@ pedestrian Raya Gubeng

April 2011
  • The National Exams was really close already. Studying at GO Prapen until late at night.
  • at the moment, I got sick and I didn't go to school. My friends did silly things on the floor of the class and I was really envy.

after this, we painted the wall together

  • The next day, My classmates and I visited every teachers and lower grade classes to get some prays for us in National exams, SNMPTN, etc. Arya brought his DSLR so we always got a picture in every class we visited.

  • In XI-IA 2, I met my twin and so did Jiji. My friends screamed and laughed so bad but Jiji and I just stood and smiled.
My step twin B-)

  • In XI-IA 6, Mentari's class. And I just felt a little bit shy to meet him. I know, it was stupid but we felt this awkward moment for long time.
  • Istighosah, H-3 National exams. GOR SMAN 16 Surabaya. Feeling so blue, touching, etc. The girls were crying and I think the boys too!!!

  • National Exams. Well, yeah, we did and passed it. The last day Eka, Manda, and I went to our heaven, BOOKSTORE! whoa, that was very long time and I made a list about the new novel.
  • Waiting for the result of National Exams, we always took many pictures together in every moment we made :")

May 2011
  • So, now our concentration is for SNMPTN. I got in SNMPTN Undangan but we haven't known the result. Actually, I got in it in February (if I'm not wrong) and waited for the result like forever -___-
  • Going to the Mess, Tirta Indah, Batu, Malang with my lovely #Brandcap for 3 days. For the stories, read my posts: PERPISAHAN KELAS BRANDCAP PART-1PART-2, PART-3, and PART-4. (Finally! I completed the series wohoooo!)
  • May 23th, It was my birthday. But I didn't expect something happened because sometimes I love surprise but sometimes I hate surprise. What I felt that day was I don't want any surprise. But my bf and friends did a surprise and That was sweet :3 *don't have any picture about it :( Thank you all, I love you and I miss you so bad :(
  • I was kicked out from SNMPTN Undangan and I got a little depressed (over-expressed). Now, I must be ready for writing SNMPTN. Studying until late at night at GO Prapen, my second home that time B-)
  • SNMPTN happened on the last day of the month. My test place: FIB UNAIR (for IPC). Getting there with Eka and the second day was raining ( I remember the tragedy at the SAMSAT traffic lights).

June 2011
  • Waiting for the result of SNMPTN at 30th June. Feeling so tense.
  • Graduation event. Wearing kebaya and tuxedo for the boys. We looked so different in the good way.

  • Watching LA Lights Indie Fest (well, I wanted to watch LALE actually!!) at Grand City. Rocking meeeh!!
  • June 12th. Our first anniversary. Nothing special because we were not type like the other couple. We just did everything like we were best friends, not as a couple. We spent that day together, had a lunch at TP, went to the Suramadu but we turned back because we were afraid about our run out petrol (LOL). I gave him a grey flashdisk and I was happy to see him loved it. I print-screened his tweet about that day and made as my favorite tweet (until now) :D
  • Attending UMPENS and I got fabulous result! D4 electronic engineering B-) ELKA ORRA ARISTO!!
  • The result of SNMPTN was IT Brawijaya.

July 2011
  • Re-registration to EEPIS-ITS (sorry, Brawijaya).
  • Having a little trip with Manda to Sidoarjo. Visiting Mpu Tantular Museum and the ticket was just 2000 rupiahs!!
my camera sucks -___-

  • Watching Harry Potter 3D at Ciputra World (Eccy and Nah got the tickets! Thank you guys) But my favorite potterhead couldn't join us (read: Eka) :(
  • My little sister, Salsa, got into Islamic Boarding School at Malang. When I was on my way to go home, My mother, My aunt, and I were crying. We will miss you so bad.

August 2011
  • OMB (Orientasi Mahasiswa Baru/New Student Orentation). Well, I've told you about it in my last post. Really fun!

  • Having BUBER with #Brandcap at Ibib's house \(^0^)/

  • Happy fasting. And, Happy Ied Mubarak day :D

September 2011
  • My first day studied at EEPIS. I met many new people. I found new family D4 EB 2011, ELKA ORRA ARISTO, and EEPIS

  • The lady of the class is six women (including me). And I have told you about this super WONDER WOMEN.

  • OPJ (Orientasi Pengenalan Jurusan/Department Introducing Orientation) was held from now. Meeting with ELKA-MEKA 2011, 2010, 2009, and so on. The theme was DISCREETE

October 2011
  • OPJ might wear yellow clothes (my color department). kewl, huh?

  • Happy Birthday my bf :D sorry, can't give you surprise like last year. Hope you like my little gift. Well, I didn't give him many paper of my writing like last year. I gave him a frame (I didn't capture it -__-) but I still made a poem and he already had read it.

November 2011
  • I broke up with my bf. Well, for some reasons, we couldn't repair this. No, I didn't regret about the memories we made. Those all are bittersweet memories. He is still good man. I think maybe this is the best. We need time to introspect ourselves. In Addition, he is my first bf. LOL! Well, I learnt many things from this broken relationship. Now, keep spirit and let it flow. ;)
  • Happy Hero Day!
a little ceremony :3
  • Having my best friend back! love love love!!
Mia Lily uwww :3

  • Pra-TD was running in. The best event ever!

  • Preparing for outbound DISCREETE 2011

December 2011
  • Outbound DISCREETE 2011 at Cuban Rondo, Pujon, Batu. I couldn't take pictures because the committee took away my hand phone. But, I love it!
  • Ayu came to Surabaya. We watched Breaking Dawn together (my first time meeting my ex). Eka Manda and Tante Lina incident :p *no picture :(
  • Preparing for UAS in January. D4 EB 2011 keep your spirit up!
  • The plan for having new year's eve with #Brandcap failed.
2011 has given me loads memories, thanks to everybody who made my 2011 really colorful!
Happy New Year all!! \(^0^)/

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