Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stay and Go

It's been truly hard for me in time. What suddenly and awfully comes up into my line is confusing. Some people say I am just in a bad time but I am the right person. Yeah, okay, sometimes I just think like "do I care?" and then I feel really disgusted of myself being so selfish. I need a moment when I can be me and telling someone what I feel. Telling someone that I have tried hard to be the right one. Telling that I am not in the wrong line at all. Telling that avoiding this feeling is really hard.


Feeling? Okay, I should remind myself that I am still not so sure about this. This heart thing always changes, right? So, who do I think I am can be so sure about this. But, damn, why do I keep going forward for this?

Ada semacam rindu yang ingin disampaikan tapi tidak ingin didengar.

Surabaya, 26 Februari 2013, 1:15

1 comment:

  1. It's so me icha :')
    i'm feeling that too.
    Tetep semangat apapun yang terjadi :*