Monday, February 06, 2012

Save It, Maybe For Awhile Until I Am Already Okay

The thing inside your heart is never stop disturbing. But sometimes what you feel is really comforting.
Comforting? Well, not for this time. I really feel like I want to explode something terrible inside my heart. Something buoyant.
About what?
I know it's really melancholic when I say this something buoyant is about love? Or adoring?
But that's what I feel. New love or the old one? I think both of them. But I really don't think new love already exists in this time. Let's say it's about inner war. About the logic against heart matters (again).
This war is really irritating. I want my logic win, but this heart thing never leaves me alone.
Please, God, help me pass this moment.
Maybe I was too intense to meet some people who made ​​me feel like this.
Let's keep my heart locked this time. Keep it save and give a little pressure. I think that's not bad thing to do.

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